Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Program

Often mental health disorders occur in tandem with substance use disorders. Addressing both substance abuse and mental health issues at the same time has proven to be therapeutically beneficial for our patients. Our team not only provides psychiatric stabilization for your loved one in crisis, but we also have the capability and expertise to treat those who have co-occurring substance abuse needs.

Adult Psychiatric Stabilization

  • Thorough psychiatric evaluation
  • Full-time psychiatrist on staff and available 24-hours daily
  • Medication-assisted stabilization
  • Continued medication management and education
  • Full and complete medical examination and history
  • Nursing care 24-hours daily
  • Clinical evaluations
  • Therapeutic groups and activities with small group focus
  • Family and individual therapy as indicated by Roxbury’s treatment team
  • Structured recreational therapy including art and music therapies
  • Continuing care resources and detailed individual discharge plan including crisis plan upon completion of program


Adult Co-occurring Disorder Program

  • Detoxification services conducted under close medical supervision
  • Substance Abuse Education
  • Co-occurring disorder group therapy and education resources
  • Additional discharge treatment planning with substance abuse resources
  • Transfers available to Roxbury Treatment Center’s inpatient rehabilitation program



M-F Adult Unit Schedule

Saturday Adult Unit Schedule

Sunday Adult Unit Schedule

“I am grateful to

Roxbury for helping me

break the chains of addiction.”

– C.N.



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