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Roxbury Treatment Center is an inpatient behavioral health facility located in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania and has been the source of hope and healing for those suffering from substance abuse and mental illness since 1984. Our commitment and focus to each individual patient and his or her family is our top priority. Whether you are looking for treatment for yourself or a loved one, Roxbury is here to help with our mental health services. Call us at (800) 648-4673 to learn more.


Roxbury Gives Back

Supporting our local community and causes close to our hearts is very important to Roxbury and its employees. Every month, the hospital sponsors a dress down day and matches employee contributions. This year the facility raised almost $4,000 which was matched to total $8,000. This money was donated to local community members or staff experiencing hardship due to life’s circumstances.

We continued our sponsorship of meals for those in need at the Grace United Church of Christ in Shippensburg. Staff volunteer their time making and delivering the food as well as serving the dinner. Those involved found the experience rewarding and will be something we continue in 2017.

In addition to these events, Roxbury was involved in Project Big Love, Home Run Derby to Fight Drug Abuse, National Night Out, and many substance abuse and mental health recovery related events throughout our neighboring counties. We know that strong communities make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Program Spotlight- Outpatient Services

Roxbury’s Outpatient Services department has locations in Chambersburg and Carlisle. Both offices provide outpatient substance abuse assessments, Intensive Outpatient (IOP), Group, and Individual Counseling. We also work with the Cumberland County Prison and provide in-house IOP for inmates. The staff who work in our Outpatient Services are dedicated to our patients and to helping them succeed in their recovery efforts. During a recent visit with the staff they mentioned, “Life keeps moving, so we accommodate.” It is not uncommon to find one of our staff members coming in early or leaving a little late to meet the needs of a patient or their family. They consider the below keys to success for our patients and often go above and beyond to ensure all needs are met.

  1. Mental Health Concerns/Co-Occurring Disorders: Clients with mental health concerns and/or taking medications that are often considered exclusionary criteria are welcomed despite possibly having more complex lives and a need for more case management. A bonus for our clients is that our team will ensure they are meeting regularly with their psychiatrist, and will often make appointments and arrange other care as needed. The staff also goes above and beyond to make sure the client has access to services within their local area to diminish barriers.
  2. Solutions Focused: The programming in the outpatient services department is set up to be comprehensive and provide resolution to the current problem(s) the client is facing. With this solutions focused modality, a treatment episode is for a specific amount of time vs. being indefinite. This modality also provides treatment goals and plans that evolve as the patients’ needs change and develop. In essence, the goal is to have our clients reach stability and success where they no longer need us.
  3. Commitment to Change: The team is very committed to progressing clients and moving them through the stages of change. This commitment to change is often reiterated during IOP groups where the interaction amongst other clients and staff allows for holding each other accountable and providing support when needed.
  4. Therapy: The primary method of treatment is through group therapy. Many topics are discussed during these sessions including conflict resolution, triggers, self-forgiveness, coping skills, and many others. Many topics start out with an activity to loosen up the group and invite in new clients. Experiential therapies have been used in the outpatient setting with much success and the clients very much enjoy them rather than 100% talking sessions.

For more information on our outpatient services click here

Substance Abuse Family Education Program:

For those family members and loved ones wanting to learn more about addiction and co-occurring mental illness as well as gain support from others, Roxbury is happy to provide a once a month family education session. This is not visitation, nor will your loved one be present. For more information, please click here.




“I am grateful to

Roxbury for helping me

break the chains of addiction”

– C.N.

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